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Badier: The biggest different depend on, in Du Ke when me the university plays a ball game when, I never had seen in the ball house of the other side have the fan that wears polo shirt of Ba Di Er, and be in nowadays effectiveness of showing tremendous enthusiasm, can see in the house of a few balls of guest field at least a few is wearLe Bulang - ZhanmusiAndWei DeThe fan of polo shirt. I think fan knows a ball really, true fan has an eye for the essence of basketball, strap this sports season of Braun especially. Once people very be hostile toMiami showing tremendous enthusiasm, but the heart that the style that we play a ball game now won a lot of fan.: of Bai Rengao layer? Does Hui bake occasionally the: in Luo Bei of? of �of bald K �? Li of �of tritium castrate of spay?

The Shuang Gong of this weekday meets Yahoo sports dispatch Ferguson a social status exceeds hopeful eduction the luxurious battle array of 205 million, " defend a newspaper " statistic teachs graceful couplet 26 years during he breaks England 3 times to turn membership due record buys a player, the social status that there are 9 people in present graceful couplet player exceeds 15 million pound, the social status of 3 people exceeds 20 million. Flower intermediary check not 11 overflow of the rank of nobility bring hold, by easy Meiqieer, bank connects accept, Rhea - Kaye and Suoersikeya present as leading role, and when Fanpeixi should enter this list to still need to pass the ablution with champion.

Among them, trojan and dig gold these two team, battle array configuration and chemical response are very good, stability is stronger, unless lake person is issueing half Cheng to produce great change (change advocate handsome, trade core player) , otherwise they want to exceed these two team instead, possibility is not very big.

Animal of demon of half of a game or contest has thrown below 16 minutes of 4 bank 3 close over 3 grab, attack prevent two end he is strong like enter the court. Animal of the 3rd demon builds Yi Yiji besides award also is lack be apt to outside chaffy dish but old. After nevertheless experience becomes silent, howard minor details looks for him afresh, division of 8 minutes of 20 seconds compares take advantage of an opportunity of holding carrying fox on the head to be cast high, demon animal after understand tacitly high capriole, make even the line into in sky first! Be worth what carry is, this also is demon animal Benchangdi enters Long Tan 4 times to perform alone cruel buckle.

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